Photo Tips

I have split my Tips into two categories, Hunting Tips and Photo Tips that share common goals.

Goal – Be Informative
There is plenty of information available on the internet, and with these tips I will present yet one more source.

Goal – Be Accurate
No matter how informative and authoritative something appears, it is of little use unless the information is accurate, so please let me know if I have made a mistake and I’ll correct it as soon as I am able.

Goal – Be Humorous
A wry grin is a good reaction, a forehead slapper is better, and the occasional belly laugh is just pure gold. When you look for the humor in a situation you also “look on the bright side” and the world just makes more sense.

Now What?
You have the desire. You are excited. You are enthusiastic and ready to go Hunting Down Headstones! Now what? Well, I have organized my thoughts into the following categories:



  • Nurturing – Sizing, Naming and Storing Your Images.

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