Carrying – You Can Take It With You

Basic Stuff

Camera. The battery should be full and the memory should be empty. I once reversed this and there were tears…

Notepad. Don’t forget your favorite writing devices

Maps. I protect my cemetery maps with plastic sheet protectors and put them into a three-ring binder, and add printed route maps from Google or MaqQuest as needed. County and State maps can be handy.

Personal Stuff

Medication. This is only Common Sense, but bring any that you will need while you are out.

Liquid. Water is probably best. Do not drink from the cemetery hose! The water is “Non-Potable” and is there so you can fill a bucket or watering can and water the flowers on the grave site.

Snack. You have many choices, but I will recommend food that does not spoil or melt when warm. If you want foods that melt, take a small cooler. In fact, why not pack a picnic lunch?

Clothes. Sun hat, sun glasses, light work gloves, long sleeve shirt, wind breaker, sun screen, the list can be endless. Since you will not be judged on your fashion sense, you can buy inexpensive items and just them leave in the bag.

Cover. If you plan to kneel or sit on the ground, you may want a kneeling pad or a small tarp.

Advanced Stuff

Camera supplies. You can bring spare battery, extra film and memory card, specialty lenses.

Headstone clearing. I take a whisk broom, small bristle brushes and a plastic car window scraper.

Tote that barge! Lift that bale!

A tote bag should be able to hold all of your items, but it can become a quite heavy if you get really enthusiastic. Remember, you will be walking over uneven ground, with soft spots and gopher holes, which can make the bag seem even heavier.

If you do not use a minimalist approach, it may be easier to use a rolling tote bag. Big wheels roll much easier over soft ground, but small wheels may get stuck. Choose wisely!

You can also divide your supplies into groups and use two bags, or more as you like.

Of course, I use my snappy and stylish Hunting Down Headstones tote bag.
(photograph coming soon)


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