Communicating – Can You Hear Me?

Share the fun

I really enjoy hunting down headstones with my spouse. We can share the Hunting duties, but unfortunately only one can have the map while the other tries to find the headstone by memorizing the map.

Play games

We found early on in our hunting experience that hunting quickly deteriorated into a combination of the games “Hot and Cold” and “Charades” as the person with the map tries to direct the other to the headstone, whistling to get attention and then by waving and gesturing with our hands. When that failed we tried yelling really loud at each other.

As you might imagine, we usually had limited (and amusing) results with these methods.

We have the technology

If you plan to hunt with someone else, I recommend that you buy a pair of two-way Family Radio Service (FRS) radios that are available for the price of two meals at a family restaurant.

We found that by using the radios, instead of making hand gestures and yelling, we were able to communicate a lot easier and we were still on speaking terms by the end of the day.


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